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If you’re looking for chiropractic care in greater Cincinnati, you’ve come to the right place! With a natural approach to restore and maintain health, chiropractic care at Clearly Chiropractic helps you maximize life. A unique corrective approach to spinal care combined with a blend of lifestyle components, work together to improve your body’s ability to heal.

We believe in offering care that goes beyond just treating symptoms and temporary relief. We focus on empowering our patients with knowledge regarding their health. We believe in healing that starts with spinal adjustments but goes on to include fitness coaching, nutritional advice and recommendations for lifestyle improvements. We’re committed to holistic chiropractic care and will guide you as you take charge of your own journey to wellness.

About Clearly Chiropractic:

Your Path to Transforming Your Health

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Most people are looking for more than temporary relief from their discomfort. At Clearly Chiropractic in Cincinnati, we don’t believe in temporary fixes. We believe in helping you on your path to long-term health, not just temporary relief.


Everything we do is based in science and uses a holistic chiropractic approach. At our clinic, you can expect a personalized touch. We take the time to do a thorough evaluation, to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.


Once your challenges have been pinpointed, you’ll receive clear explanation of the recommended treatment. Trust that your health is in expert hands at Clearly Chiropractic. We will help you clear a path to wellness, health and freedom.

Meet Our Chiropractor

When looking for chiropractic care in greater Cincinnati, it’s important to choose a doctor who’s committed to doing more than offering short-term relief. Your chiropractor should be highly experienced in the field, while also being committed to providing a holistic treatment plan that can put you on a path to overall wellness. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Clearly Chiropractic.

Dr. Jack Hendricks is passionate about the chiropractic field and has pursued advanced training in spinal correction, nutrition, toxicity, and exercise techniques from some of the largest health clinics in America. He’s cared for people of all ages and all walks of life including athletes, medical professionals, infants, and people with chronic health challenges. Holistic living is a way of life for Dr. Jack and he’s dedicated to helping people live victorious lives.


Services We Offer Include:

Spinal Correction

Spinal Correction and Wellness Care are central to your healing. When your spine is misaligned, it can impair the ability of the body’s systems to communicate. Spinal tension and misalignment can be caused by either mental/emotional stress, physical stress and even chemical stress. Whatever the cause, spinal correction and spinal care is key to clearing pathways and improving function. Proper alignment and nerve flow maximizes the body’s ability to meet its potential for optimal health.

Holistic Lifestyle Guidance

Creating new healthy habits is influenced by your mindset. At Clearly Chiropractic, we’ll offer support and encouragement while teaching methods of positive mindset to enhance your ability to meet your wellness goals while helping you learn to cope with stress.

Nutritional Guidance

Your food choices have a big effect on your overall health, and your treatment plan will include expert conversations about your diet. This allows us to identify your unique needs for resilience, immunity, and energy so that we can design a nutritional plan that’s right for you. Natural whole foods are key to sustaining both your physical and mental well-being while helping you maintain an ideal weight. A healthy diet not only helps you to feel better, but it also can help to prevent the development of chronic illnesses such as diabetes. We’ll offer expert guidance on improving your diet which may include supplement choices.

Empowering You

We want you to understand and embrace the power of chiropractic care with our holistic approach to health and healing. Chiropractic care is a healing art that can be the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. All the services we offer at Clearly Chiropractic, are designed with you in mind. We’re passionate about optimum health, and we want to empower you with both knowledge and healing. Give us a call to learn more about our services. Let us help you by clearing a path to wellness in your life.

Discover the Chiropractic Essential Aspects of Health & Wellness

Eating Right

To be as well as you possibly can, you have to make good food choices to nourish your body. Paying attention to proper nutrition can also improve your muscle to fat ratio and help you to attain or maintain your ideal weight. As part of your wellness program, we’ll help you create a healthy food diet to improve your health.


Thinking right can make an amazing difference in your outlook and your outcome. Learning about proper mindset can help you to believe in your ability to take the steps needed for a healthy lifestyle while helping you to think more clearly and improve your ability to handle stress.

Staying Active

There are many chiropractic benefits to making exercise a regular part of your life. It improves strength and flexibility. It also helps your body take in more oxygen, which can keep both your body and your mind healthy. Regular activity can also help you to feel more energetic and fight infections.

Minimize Toxins

You may not be aware of the harmful environmental toxins that are impacting your health. We’ll help you understand how to minimize exposure to toxins and clear the toxins from your body to help your body to efficiently cleanse itself and restore its natural balance.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Jack and his staff have truly been amazing! From a welcoming atmosphere to the healing and knowledge that Dr. Jack provides. Before seeing Dr. Jack I was suffering from odd knee, joint, hand, and wrist pain. Before Dr. Jack I have been treated by doctors, massage therapists, physical therapist, and other chiropractors and nothing seemed to help. I could hardly even bend down at 28 years old to pick something off the floor without discomfort. After seeing Dr. Jack for only a short amount of time I have seen a very noticeable difference. Not only can I incorporate squats and lunges back into my workouts; my balance and strength have both improved as well. I am only in the beginning stages of the process. Dr. Jack truly cares his clients and it shows in the compassion he shows during visits. He really gets down to the root cause of imbalances. I look forward to how much more I improve with his techniques!
Amanda Thurman
Lynzee Allan
Lynzee Allan
03:18 17 Feb 21
We’ve been seeing Doctor Jack for about a year now and will NEVER look for another chiropractor! My family has even... moved from town and we still make the 30-40 minute commute to see him, as he is unlike any other chiropractor that my family has ever been to. He has helped my husband heal from his herniated discs, and I’ve seen Dr Jack prior to and during my pregnancy (currently due in 2 weeks), and this pregnancy has been a BREEZE compared to my first— thanks to him. Our two year old loves her weekly adjustments as well, and we look forward to bringing our newborn in the next few weeks. We recommend Dr Jack to everyone! Elizabeth (the receptionist) is so kind and easy going, and makes scheduling and paying for appointment super easy. Overall this practice has a wonderful atmosphere, and we really do look forward to our weekly adjustments. 10/10 more
Eddie Dales
Eddie Dales
13:49 14 Jun 19
Dr. Jack has help me with some lower back issues and getting me straightened out he has got me straight and going... strong. He is very positive and helpful a blessing, he knows what he’s doing. My daughter’s family goes to him also and he does wonders for everyone I highly recommend more
Emily Maschmeyer
Emily Maschmeyer
20:36 10 Nov 18
Dr. Jack and his family are one of a kind! He works to get to the real root of an issue. My life has improved... tremendously since becoming his patient and every visit lifts my spirits just by walking through their door. They are kind, professional, relatable, and wonderful at what they do. Near-daily tension headaches rarely ever occur anymore since my regular adjustments and we're working on correcting other issues as well, largely posture related problems!read more
Elizabeth Paff
Elizabeth Paff
15:44 18 Oct 16
Before seeing Dr. Hendricks, I was a 24 year old living in what felt like a 90 year old body which was then confirmed... by my initial scan. Thank you to the outstanding knowledge, care, and compassion of Dr. Hendricks, I am now on my way to living my life without all the aches and pains that so many years of poor posture and athletics caused. Dr. Hendricks is a great chiropractor who cares about each individual as a whole person. Before meeting Dr. Jack, I was opposed to chiropractic care, but once I realized what his care is really all about, I would recommend him to anyone!read more
Laura Montgomery
Laura Montgomery
21:30 03 Oct 16
Dr. Jack is gifted in chiropractic care. He has and still does adjust my children as well as my husband and myself. His... care is worth the 80 minute round trip travel time. A testimony: one of my children was an infant when he started going to see Dr Jack. The pediatrician considered clipping the muscle in my son's neck to allow his head to be held upright and not tipped to one side. I thought better and took him to Dr Jack and he got his head to be upright within a month! He's 11 now and doing great! I have a lot of examples, like this one, of how Dr Jack has helped out my whole family. There's not enough space here to write it though. There are 6 of us and he has adjusted us all and gotten us back on track! We stay that way with continued more
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Most frequent questions and answers

No. After an experience the doctor had in school, and being hurt by another student, he promised himself he never wanted anyone to feel That. This is why The approach and techniques he uses are newer technology Gentle adjustments.

Most insurance plans cover Chiropractic care. In order to keep our care affordable for our patients and their families, We take payment at the time of service And then we provide paperwork that patients can submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement. We also offer pre-payment plans that save more money as well.

Every patient is evaluated on an individual basis based on their clinical findings, we determine a patient’s visit frequency and course of action.

Depending on the patient’s needs, our doctor will utilize:

  • Network spinal analysis
  • Logan basic technique
  • Upper cervical care
  • Gonstead technique 
  • Webster technique for breach presentation in pregnant women

Adjustments are typically given on the second visit so the doctor can fully study and understand the cause and nature of the issue.


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